NIRO - Network in Radiation Oncology

CC: Per Marius Didriksen, OUS.

Radiotherapy is together with surgery and chemotherapy the main curative treatment modality for cancer, and is also an important palliative treatment.

In this network, we aim to gather radiotherapy researchers at the hospitals whithin the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authorty (Helse Sør-Øst RHF) to strengthen research and clinical competence, and thereby facilitate implementation of novel, improved radiotherapy techniques and strategies.

Current news and events

NIRO i "Sammen mot kreft"

NIRO har publisert en artikkel om forskning og behandlingsmuligheter innen stråleterapi i magasinet "Sammen mot kreft", juni 2021. Les artikkelen her 

OnkoNytt: NIRO og stråleterapi


The collaboration between OnkoNytt and NIRO has resulted in several articles on palliative radiation therapy and radiation therapy-related research. The articles on palliative radiation therapy can be found here