NIRO gjesteforelesere: Turid Hellevik og Ingio Martinez-Zubiavrre: Forskningsbygget Montebello, 14 november 2019

Dear colleagues,

The Network in Radiation Oncology (NIRO) is happy to invite you to two Guest Lectures on Thursday November 14th in the Seminar room 4th floor, K-building (K04120):


13.15-13.50:  Inigo Martinez-Zubiavrre: "Tumor fibroblasts in the Radiotherapy context"

Iñigo Martinez-Zubiavrre  is professor in cell biology and head of The Molecular Inflammation Research Group at the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Tromsø. His group conducts research on human inflammatory conditions. In the context of cancer, the emphasis is on the tumor stroma and its role in regulating tumor immunity and responses to therapies. Basic and clinical radiobiology represent a fundamental research field in the group.

13.50-14.00: Questions, discussion


14.00-14.35:  Turid Hellevik: “Immuno-PET radiotracers in Radiotherapy & Immunotherapy research

Turid Hellevik, Dr.Scient, is medical physicist and senior scientist in translational radiation research at the Department of Oncology, University Hospital of Northern-Norway, Tromsø.  She currently works with development of tracers for immuno-PET, aiming at applying immuno-PET for patient selection before treatment and to monitor immune responses during radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

14.35-14.45 Questions, discussion


Coffee, fruit and cakes will be served



Randi Syljuåsen (on behalf of NIRO)

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