The silver tsunami: utfordringer ved strĂĄlebehandling og konsekvenser for kliniske studier? Seminar 5th of September 2019

NIRO seminar for oncologists, physicists, radiation therapists, geriatrics and nurses involved in research and radiation therapy / follow-up of elderly patients within HSØ at Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, September 5, at 09.30 - 15.15.

How to choose the right RT treatment? Age, ECOG status, capacity for rehabilitation in relation to possible late side effects, response evaluation etc. Should more advanced treatment techniques such as dosepainting, or merging with other radiological modalities in drawing be used to compensate for long-anticipated rehabilitation time?

How to include older people in studies, and what parameters must at least be systematically recorded to provide a picture of particular issues in the elderly group of patients who have (or should have) consequences for the RT - treatment?

Attendants: 30 participants, registration in form. Binding registration 5th of August. Web form registration is closed. If you would like to participate, contact Network Coordinator Mathilde

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For more information, contact Mathilde Haraldsen Normann


Arrangør Marit Slaaen

Foto: NIRO

Arrangør Taran Paulsen Hellebust

Foto: NIRO

Foredragsholder Nina Ommundsen og deltakere fra HSØ

Foto: NIRO

Foredragsholder Rene van Helvoirt og deltakere fra HSØ

Foto: NIRO

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