Workshop: Brilliant masks for Superheroes: January and February 2020

Workshop for drawers in the project "Brilliant masks for Superheroes": a multidisciplinary project group.

The workshops will have three different themes, all focusing on painting on the children or adolescents radiotherapy masks : 1) Characters from comics, movies and games, 2) Drawing of animals figures and 3) Abstract art.


Three workshops are being planned : abstract art supervisor will be updated when confirmed.


23/01/20, 15.00 - 18.00: Lunch and 3 hours of drawing characters from comics, movies and games with the guidance of cartoonist and illustrator Arild Midthun

Av Ra Boe / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Arild Midthun,

av Ra Boe / Wikipedia


CopyRight: Arild Midthun


30/01/20, 15 - 18.00: Lunch and 3 hours of drawing animal figures with the guidance of artist Ingri Haraldsen

Ingri Haraldsen

Foto: Therese Jægtvik


Ingri Haraldsen



06/02/20: Lunch and 3 hours of drawing abstract art: more information to come


More info about the project here  

Attendants each course: 5.

Where: The course is conducted at Aktiviteket at Radiumhospitalet, and is led by project manager Mathilde and projectworker Grete.

Free of charge: financial support from "Fra Båstad til Radium" and NIRO.

Please notice that the painted treatment masks at all workshops are the property of the project group, and may be used as prototypes, and in promotion of the project.



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